Announcement: Sketching For UX Designers WORKBOOK

The cover of the Sketching for UX Designers Workbook, 1st edition (2017)


Sketching is a skill that requires practice. Actually, a lot of practice. That’s why my Sketching for UX Designers course material includes many practice activities, exercises, for example:

  • warm-up techniques,
  • ways to practice drawing basic shapes.
  • UI sketching exercises,
  • icon drawing tasks,
  • in the chapter about Storyboarding I ask the students to think about an application idea and create a Storyboard based on that; and
  • there is a whole section about practicing sketching through the different Gestalt principles,
  • I even created a 100-day long icon drawing challenge (you can subscribe to the challenge here).

However, my students wanted more. :) So I decided to create an additional material: in the last few months, I’ve been working on a workbook! It is not finished, probably it never will be, but today is the day of publishing the 1st edition — I already have ideas in mind about what to include in the 2nd, upgraded version ;).

While the Workbook is going to be part of my online course, if you subscribe to my newsletter, you can download it for free! (Also, I’m going to send it to you if you are already one of my subscribers.)

Sketching for UX Designers Workbook — Table of Contents

Target Audience

For my students

I designed the Workbook in a way the it won’t be redundant for my students who have already completed my Sketching for UX designers course.

For everyone else (hopefully some potential students :) )

Additionally, it works the other way around as well: if you decide to first complete the Workbook, then take my course, you will still find the course material informative, since the overlap is minimal.


This Workbook is a free resource, and it always will be. I publish it under this license: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International.

It means that:

You can share — copy and redistribute — the material in any medium or format under the following terms:

(Here are some additional terms in case you want to check the license out in more details.)

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