Online Survey

Survey — UX Knowledge Base Sketch #11

A method that requires careful preparation

If an Online Survey is carefully prepared and constructed, it can be a valuable UX research method, especially if we use it as an additional, supplementary tool. It is very important, however, that you can get false results very easily!

It needs to be highlighted, that constructing Online Surveys can seem to be an simple task, but in reality, it is quite complicated, which requires practice and expertise. There are many important guidelines, rules that should be taken into consideration when designing the questions, for example:

  • The order of the questions should be logical
  • The shorter is the survey, the better: redundant questions should be removed
  • The wording of the questions is crucial: e.g. it should not contain double negatives or multiple questions; and it should not direct the participant towards a certain option to choose
  • All the possible response options should be provided (this is one of the reasons why we test the online survey before we send it out)

Drawing the right consequences from the results is also a task that requires skills and practice, it is easy to only see the answers and patterns that support your hypothesis.

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