Scenarios— UX Knowledge Base Sketch #16

What are Scenarios?

User Scenarios are basically short stories about the users (and their representations, the User Personas) trying to achieve their goals in their context.

Creating Scenarios requires a special mindset. It is about focusing on the users’ goals: what will they try to accomplish on a website or inside an app? Additionally, it is also important to think about their context, their prior knowledge and background.


Thanks to Scenarios, we can determine:

  • the most important points to focus on during the UX design process
  • which steps of the process would require additional help to your users
  • the main needs and motivations of your users.

It needs to be mentioned, that Scenarios are built upon a tool called User Story: these short statements describe what a certain User Persona needs, and why. Scenarios take User Stories to the next level by adding the interaction with the product or service to the story.

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