Stakeholder Interview

Stakeholder Interview — UX Knowledge Base Sketch #20

The goals

At the beginning of a UX research and design project a Stakeholder Interview should be conducted in order to find out the followings:

  • what are the business goals (so later we can see where the user goals and the business goals align)?
  • are there any existing research or design material?
  • what is already known about the users?
  • what is the stakeholder’s background, story?
  • who are the known competitors?
  • are there any technological limitations?
  • additional project-related information (deadlines, team members etc.).

Next to the Stakeholder Interview, it is also useful to interview the domain experts in order to understand the problem space better. For example if we design the interface of a device used by healthcare professionals, we need to know the important steps of the process, the context, under what circumstances is it going to be used and so on.

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