Storyboarding — Part 1

Storyboarding Part 1 — UX Knowledge Base Sketch #18

What is Storyboarding about?

Storyboarding refers to the process of creating a visual representation — a drawing — showing how users are experiencing the problem space, how they are trying to achieve their goals.

Stories represented in the Storyboards are like real stories: it usually contains these elements: a main character (a Persona), a task to complete (user goal), villains (pain points, frustrations), location (context of use), and other relevant objects, characters.


Storyboarding’s main advantages are the followings:

  • not only will you understand the users better: this tool helps you to communicate research findings and results to the stakeholder,
  • it can also catalyze your thinking: seeing the Personas in their context with all the important factors represented (e.g. obstacles, frustrations, opportunities) helps to think through different solutions, various Scenarios,
  • Storyboard Reviews allow us to get early and cost-effective feedback during the UX design process.

Storyboard Reviews are about showing the Storyboards to the users, and ask them to review the story, and point out the unrealistic (magic) moments, suggest additions, and comment on any step they want to.

The next part of the series: Storyboarding Part 2

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