Usability Testing — Part 1

Usability Testing Part 1 — UX Knowledge Base Sketch #44

Think Aloud Usability Testing

The basic idea of Usability Testing is that you observe someone (preferably from your target audience) perform tasks using a digital product or a prototype (that can be paper prototype or digital).

Think Aloud is a moderating technique, when you ask the participant to verbalize thoughts and her/his experience. It is important to mention, that this method is not about asking opinions!

For example, instead of asking: “What is your first impression about this page?”, you should say: “I’m going to ask you to look around on this page, tell me whose site you think it is, what you think you can do on this page, what it is for…”.

There are many types of Usability Testing, this UX Knowledge Base Sketch series describes the Think Aloud Usability Testing with the purpose of problem discovery. This is the most common type, and by applying the techniques described by Steve Krug, it is very easy to start using this method in your UX workflow (he calls it “Do-It-Yourself Usability Testing, or Discount Usability Testing).

In the next part of the series, I’m going to summarizes how these kind of Usability Tests should be moderated.

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